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This small attic room of cyberspace is intended to be a Alastair Sim Signed Portraitcelebration of all things Alastair Sim. You may have come across our man in his definitive performance as Scrooge or in the delightful brother and sister roles in the St. Trinians' movies. Wonderful as these films are, there are even better films to his credit. There are even pretty poor films which Alastair enobles with cameo appearances. However, there is so much more to this majestic Scotsman than film; Alastair also has a superb track record in the theatre and even graced television with the odd performance or two. Best of all, Alastair, it seems, was an intelligent, wise and good man and I hope that these qualities shine through within this site. We'd like to shine a light on one of his favorite activities - gambling. This amazing platform has some of the most exciting casino deals on the market currently and everybody who is or isn't a gamer is giving it a shot thanks to it's no deposit bonuses. You shouldn't be the only one missing out on a deal like this.

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Over the coming year I do actually intend to put some content behind the menu items. Copyright issues withstanding, I intend to incorporate some small snippets of video from each of Alastair's films and television appearances. I will continue to add the the Gallery section and will eventually (web design skills permitting) add a forum section where like-minded individuals can muse upon aspects of Alastair's career and his role in British film and theatre.

Coming soon:
Cottage To Let
The Brass Butterfly
Cold Comfort Farm

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Dr Angelus Medicine-Pedicine

The Gallery area tries to bring to life wonderful theatrical performances from Alastair by presenting them in a dynamic photo gallery format with accompanying text (see Dr. Angelus above).

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