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The School For Scandal (1932/3)
Romeo & Juliet Programme Image The School for Scandal is a comedy of manners written by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. It was first performed in London at Drury Lane Theatre on May 8, 1777. With principal themes of "the deceptive nature of appearances, the fickleness of reputation, and the often disreputable guises behind which goodness and honesty can conceal itself," it has been noted that "The play remains to this day a crowd-pleaser and one of the standard repertory pieces in our dramatic literature".

One significant problem is the anti-Semitism that runs throughout the play. Post-World War II audiences are understandably sensitive to the disparaging remarks made about moneylenders, who were often Jewish.

The playt consists of a series of gossipy and fast-paced scenes that exposes contemporary foibles through the actions of the characters. Crabtree, the character that Alastair plays, is one of the principle gossips. Full synopsis or Gallery.

Snake: ... and if it were once known that I had been betrayed into an honest action, I should lose every friend I have in the world.


cast list production credits
Crabtree Alastair Sim Director Frank Napier
Lady Tenzle Peggy Ashcroft Playwright R B Sheridan
Lady Snearwell Veronica Turleigh Theatre The Old Vic
Joseph Surface Roger Livesey Presented by Lilian Bayliss
Charles Surface Charles Hickman Produced by Harcourt Williams
Sir Peter Tenzle Malcom Keen    
Mrs Candour Clare Harris    
Snake Geoofrey Wincott

School For Scandal Cast List

Careless Anthony Quayle
Moses George Devine
Sir B Backbite William Fox
Sir Harry Bumper Gordon Brown
Trip Marius Goring
Sir Oliver Surface Morland Graham
Maid R W Owen
Maria Valerie Tudor
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In 1932/33 Alastair started his second season at he The Old Vic where Malcom Kean and Peggy Ashcroft were leading the company.