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The Gusher (1937)
Alastair Sim as Peter Bogle in the GusherA melodrama written by Ian Hay and produced at the Prince's Theatre in October 1937. The basis of the story is a chart of a mysterious Pacific island on which treasure is said to be hidden. News of the chart is revealed to Scruffy Briggs who, through circumstance, is obliged to divulge what he knows and join forces with a group which includes the dour Scot Peter Bogle (played by Alastair) in an expedition to locate Liquid Gold Island. The party set sail in the "June Rose" and a sequence of dramatic and humorous adventures begins. Full synopsis or Gallery


I do not currently have any information pertaining to the dialogue within this play.

The Gusher Theatre Programme 1937


cast list production credits

Peter Bogle

Alastair Sim


Herbert Bryan
Scruffy Briggs Cyril smith


Ian Hay
Larry Pound Henry Thompson Theatre Princes Theatre
Clarence the Dodger Bernard Lee Director Firth Shephard
Kay Forrester Christine Barry Presented by Firth Shephard
Jack Rendall Jack Livesey    
Myrtle Gunn Joan Hickson    
Jacqueline Coral Browne

The Bargain Cast

Valentine Percy Parsons
Robert Rutherford Ivan Samson
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