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The Bargain (1961)
Alastair Sim as George Selwyn in The BargainA comedy by Michael Gilbert that had its first performance at St. Martin's Theatre on 19th January 1961 and renewed the stage partnership of Alastair and George Cole. Unlike the author's previous success ("A Clean Kill") this play, although a murder-thriller, is written on comedy lines, giving full scope to Alastair's gift in this direction. Alastair's previous stage performance had been William Golding's "The Brass Butterfly" in 1958 although he had produced and directed Gilbert's "A Clean Kill" on two occasions in 1959/1960. Alastair directs the play in association with George Cole. Full synopsis or Gallery


I do not currently have any information pertaining to the dialogue within this play.

The Bargain Theatre Programme 1950


cast list production credits

George Selwyn

Alastair Sim


Alastair Sim
Billie Peters Janet Brown


Michael Gilbert
Morgan Gordon Cole Theatre St. Martin's
Graham Peter Furnell Director Alastair Sim
Mr Kingdom Allan Jeayes Presented by E. P. Clift
Miss Herridge Helen Christie    
Alec Glanville Peter Copley    
Dt. Sgt. Bruno George Selway

The Bargain Cast

Mrs. Rovere Rosamund Burne
Sydney Anthony Davis
Interesting facts

Merlith Sim, Alastair's daughter, was one of the deputy stage managers for this production. Merlith went straight from school to the Liverpool Repertory Company. After two years there she was understudy and assistant stage manager for "A Clean Kill" in London. She also stage managed Sir Donald Wolfit's tour of "A Stranger in the Tea" and played with the Repertory Company at the Richmond Theatre.