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Mr. Gillie (1950)
Mr. GillieJames Bridie's play calls upon us to view the life of an obscure Scottish schoolmaster, as seen by a heavenly Judge and Procurator who speak the Proglogue and Epilogue. Before the play opens, Mr. Gillie has in fact been knocked down and killed by a furniture van, and the flashback on his life in the Scottish village of Crult is the evidence on which he is ultimately allotted a place in Heaven next to no other than Abraham Lincoln. (Theatre World June 1950). The play is marked by Mr. Bridie's customary dry humour and penetrating wit, and Alastair Sim, who also produces the play, gives a most sensitive and telling performance as the remarkable Mr. Gillie. Full synopsis or Gallery


Judge : What is success, Mr Procurator ?
Procurator : I beg your Honour's pardon?
Judge: What is success . . . . I'm afraid my new dentures made the succession of sibilants slightly unintelligible.

Judge: How did he die?
Procurator: He was knocked over by a furniture van.
Judge: A furniture van?
Procurator: A pantechnicon. It was removing his furniture to an auction room.
Judge: He was in the process of being . . . how does one express it . . . sold up?
Procurator: Yes, you Honour.
Judge: And the vehicle knocked him down. Rather heaping Pelion upon Ossa, was it not ?


cast list production credits

Mr Gillie

Alastair Sim


Alastair Sim
Tom Donnelly George Cole


James Bridie
Dr Watson Gordon McLeod Theatre Garrick
Nelly Watson Janet Brown Director Jack Buchanan
Mr Gibb Ronald Adam Presented by Stanley French
Mrs Gillie Megs Jenkins    
Judge H.G. Stoker    
Procurator Douglas Muir

Mr Gillie Cast

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