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Dr Angelus (1947)
Dr Angelus feigns indignationThe partnership of Scotland's foremost playwright with Scotland's leading actor has produced a riotous comedy-thriller at the Phoenix Theatre, where Alastair Sim, who has starred in so many of James Bridie's play successes, now appears in the title role of Dr. Angelus, of which he is also the producer. (Theatre World October 1947). The play is a thriller, or rather burlesque of a thriller, and is based on the famous case of Dr. E. W. Pritchard, of Glasgow, who poisoned his wife and mother-in-law, and was the last man to have a public hanging on Glasgow Green on 28th July 1865. The point that intrigued Bridie was that at Pritchard's trial another doctor alleged that he knew Pritchard was poisoning his relatives, but had not informed the police because it would have been unprofessional! Full synopsis or Gallery

Dr Angelus: I wish I could keep my hair on. You will make a fortune Johnson, if you discover a method of making hair grow on bald scalps. You would hardly believe the sense of frustration it gives a man to be prematurely bald. Yet, to the philosophic mind comes the reflection that we are all more or less born bald. Even Lady Godiva was born bald . . . And to the practical mind, the condition has obvious advantages. A bald head and a grave expression are worth a great deal in the practise of our noble profession . . .

Dr. Johnson : I couldn't wish for a better Chief. He's kind and he's helpful and he knows his work. And he's got a great sense of humour. I think he's a bit of a genius.
Butt : Which bit?
Dr. Johnson: I'm afraid I don't quite follow you, sir?
Butt: He was threatening just now to blow his brains out. I was wondering at what portion of his anatomy he was proposing to take aim.

Dr. Angelus: But me no buts. Run away up to bye-byes and I’ll bring you your nice medicine-pedicine. And I promise you you won’t require very much more of it.


cast list production credits

Dr Angelus

Alastair Sim


Alastair Sim
Dr Johnson George Cole


James Bridie
Mrs Angelus Jane Aird Theatre Phoenix
Jeanie Molly Urquhart Presented by Alec L Rea
Mrs Corcoran Betty Marsden   E P Clift
Sir Gregory Butt Charles Carson    
Inspector McIvor Archie Duncan    
The Policeman Rex Garner

Dr Angelus Cast

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