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The Squeaker (1937)
Edgar Wallace pulp crime novels sold in their millions in the thirties and forties and would have guaranteed Alastair exposure to a healthy audience on both sides of the Atlantic. A "fence" is operating in London and covering his tracks by framing his criminal associates from whom he purchases the stolen goods; this is the source of the film's title for he is, in fact, "squeaking" on them. A disgraced ex-detective with a drink problem is given a chance to redeem himself by exposing the "Squeaker". Along the way, there is a rather improbable romance; Alastair's role as an investigative reporter becomes something of an irrelevance; there are some almost surreal scenes, particularly in the night club; and the dramatic denouement, in which bizarre psychological pressure is brought to bear on the Squeaker, is rather lame. Oddly enough, however, the film does possess a certain quaint charm. Full synopsis

Mrs. Stedman: Carol's told me so much about you.
Barrabal: Not too much I hope.

Spanish Poster for "The Squeaker"

Joshua Collie: You might find bigger game than a jewel thief if you could follow those diamonds tonight.

cast list production credits

Joshua Collie

Alastair Sim


William K. Howard
Inspector Barrabal Edmund Lowe

Production Company

London Film
Frank Sutton Sebastian Shaw Producer Alexander Korda
Carol Stedman Ann Todd Screenplay Ted Berkman
Tamara Tamara Desni Original Novel Edgar Wallace
Larry Graeme Robert Newton Dir Photography Georges Perinal
Inspector Elford Allan Jeayes    
Supt. Marshall Stewart Rome

Edmund Lowe as Barrabal in "The Squeaker"

Mrs. Stedman Mabel T-Lewis
Mr. Field Gordon McLeod
Medical Examiner Michael Rennie
Uncredited Syd Crossley

35mm, black and white, 77 mins

Interesting facts

In the United States the film was released under the title: "Murder on Diamond Row".