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The Millionairess (1960)
Alastair as Sagamore in The MillionairessShould probably get a three-star rating but gets four because Sophia Loren is so stunningly beautiful as a spoilt heiress, Epifania Parerga, able to buy anything she wants. And she primarily wants a husband. When she meets an Indian doctor whose sole concern is to help the poor and needy, she decides that he is the man for her. Although the doctor is also in love with her, he is so terrified of being in her power that he foils all her attempts to "buy" him. It is only by setting endurance tests for each other are they able to be sure of their true feelings. Alastair is wonderful as the lawyer whose sole aim is to protect the Parerga estate at all costs. Full synopsis


Epifania: How could my father have entrusted his legal business to such a heartless blackguard?
Sagamore : You may have put your finger on the very reason.

Sophia Loren is stunningly beautiful in The Millionairess

Sagamore: Epifania, how can you throw all these innocent people out of work? Think of the hardship you will impose on these helpless directors.

Epifania: I am of the Aristocracy of money.
Dr. Kabir : Ah, that is a disease for which I do not prescribe. The only known cure is a revolution.

cast list production credits


Alastair Sim


Anthony Asquith
Epifania Parerga Sophia Loren

Production Company

Dimitri De Grunwald
Dr. Ahmed el Kabir Peter Sellers Producer Pierre Rouve
Joe Vittorio De Sica (Exec Producer) Dimitri De Grunwald
Adrian Dennis Price Screenplay Riccardo Aragno
Alastair Gary Raymond Original Play George B. Shaw
Mrs. Joe Miriam Karlin Dir Photography Jack Hildyard
Fish Curer Alfie Bass

The Millionairess Promotional Quad Poster

Professort Merton Noel Purcell
Polly Virginia Vernon
Butler Graham Stark
Nurse Diana Coupland
Muriel Pilkington Pauline Jameson
Tommy True Danny Kaye
Uncredited Roy Kinnear
Uncredited Derek Nimmo

35mm, Color (Eastman), 90 mins

Interesting facts

Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren recorded the novelty song "Goodness Gracious Me!" in order to promote the movie. The song became a big worldwide hit.

The following is a caricature sketch of the cast from The Millionairess that appeared in the New York Sunday News in January 1961: