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Inspector Hornleigh (1939)
Sergeant BinghamInspector Hornleigh was the first of three lively British crime films inspired by the popular BBC radio serial "Monday Night at Eight". Hornleigh is played by Gordon Harker, while Alastair assumes the comic-relief responsibilities inherent in the earnest but inept sidekick Sergeant Bingham. The film has a complicated plot but the basic "maguffin" in this film is a set of bags stolen from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, which Hornleigh and Bingham set about to retrieve. The principal suspect is an unscrupulous millionaire who hopes to corner the British stock market. Based on characters created by Hans Wolgang Priwin, Inspector Hornleigh inspired two cinematic sequels - Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday (1939) and Inspector Hornleigh Goes to It (1941). Full synopsis

Hornleigh: Likes to work with something odd I suppose, like me choosing you as an assistant.

Sergeant Bingham


cast list production credits

Sergeant Bingham

Alastair Sim


Eugene J. Forde
Insp. Hornleigh Gordon Harker

Production Company

Argyle Films
Ann Gordon Miki Hood Producer Robert T. Kane
Sam Holt Wally Patch Screenplay G. Elliott/R. Llewellyn
Kavanos Steven Geray Original Novel Hans W. Priwin
Peter Dench E. Underdown Dir Photography Derick Williams
Bill Gordon Hugh Williams   Philip Tannura
Alfred Cooper G. McLaughlin

Sergeant Bingham mugged in the shadows

Wittens Ronald Adam
Alex Parkinson Eliot Makeham

35mm, black and white, 75 mins

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