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The Green Man (1956)
Alastair Sim as Harry Hawkins in The Green ManA wonderfully entertaining and beautifully acted farce that encompasses all the genre's typical requirements (innocent yet compromising positions, confusion of identities, door slamming, panic and yet more panic). The Green Man is based on the play "Meet A Body" by Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat, who also produced and adapted this film version. Although Alastair nominally plays the villain we cannot help but sympathise with mild-mannered clockmaker and part-time professional assassin Harry Hawkins as he attempts to rid the world of pompous frauds, be they headmasters, dictators or, as in his current assignment, elected politicians. Full synopsis

Hawkins: When fate takes a hand she sometimes chooses the meanest of instruments for her purpose.

Blake:You can imagine, opening a piano and seeing a thing like that.
Hawkins: A piano? He put her inside a pian. . . ? Are you telling me that whoever killed her put her inside a pianoforte?

Miss Vincent: Reginald's got to read this tonight on the Home Service.
Blake: Well he's bound to have another copy.
Miss Vincent: I don't think he has.
Blake: Well, he's probably learned it by heart.
Miss Vincent: He can't have, it's a modern poem.
Blake: He can make it up as he goes along then.

Hawkins: Bravo. Ha ha. Bravo ladies. Bravo. I don't think I've heard a trio play with such brio.

cast list production credits
Harry Hawkins Alastair Sim


R. Day & B. Dearden
William Blake George Cole

Production Company

Grenadier Films Ltd
Charles Boughtflower Terry Thomas Producer Launder & Gilliat
Anne Vincent Jill Adams Screenplay Sidney Gilliat
Lily Dora Bryan   Frank Launder
Sir Gregory Upshott Raymond Huntley Original Play Launder & Gilliat
Willoughby-Cruft Colin Gordon Dir Photography Gerald Gibbs
Marigold Avril Angers

The Green Man Lobby Card

Eileen Moore Joan Wood
McKechnie John Chandos
Sgt. Bassett Cyril Chamberlain
Doctor Richard Wattis
Leader of Trio Vivien Wood
Felicity Marie Burke
Annabel Lucy Griffiths
Radio Salesman Arthur Lowe

35mm, black and white, 80 mins

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