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Caesar & Cleopatra (1932/3)
Caesar & Cleopatra Programme Image Shaw's ninth play, represents a watershed in his career. Shaw's Caesar was the first of his many "supermen" - people of extraordinary ability or ambition who seem marked to lead humankind to a higher plane of evolution. This Caesar is not at all like the self-serving tyrant that Shakespeare depicted in his play Julius Caesar - in fact, many critics consider this Caesar a portrait of Shaw made heroic. Similarly, this Cleopatra is very different from the one in Antony and Cleopatra : Shakespeare's Cleopatra was a mature woman whose queenly gifts were subverted by her passionate love for Antony, while Shaw's is just a slip of a girl who begins learning statecraft from the ancient world's master politician. And while the historical Cleopatra was probably 21 when she met Caesar and had a son by him, in Shaw's play there is no hint of a sexual liaison between the two. Full synopsis or Gallery.

Caesar: Hail, Sphinx: salutation from Julius Caesar! I have wandered in many lands, seeking the lost regions from which my birth into this world exiled me, and the company of creatures such as I myself. I have found flocks and pastures, men and cities, but no other Caesar, no air native to me, no man kindred to me, none who can do my day's deed, and think my night's thought.


cast list production credits
Pothinus Alastair Sim


Frank Napier
Cleopatra Peggy Ashcroft


George B. Shaw
Achillas Anthony Quayle Theatre The Old Vic
Julius Caesar Malcom Keane Presented by Lilian Bayliss
Rufio Roger Livesey Produced by Harcourt Williams
Theodotus Morland Graham    
Ra Geoffrey Wincott    
Belzanor Rex Parkin

Caesar & Cleopatra Cast

A Nubian Cecil Winterbottom
Bel Affris Charles Hickman
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In 1932/33 Alastair started his second season at he The Old Vic where Malcom Kean and Peggy Ashcroft were leading the company.