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As You Like It (1932/3)
As You Like It Programme Image The plot is very simple: the resolution of the dramatic problem in the warped attitudes of two evil brothers toward good brothers, and related obstacles to marriage for several couples in the play (most notably Rosalind and Orlando) are easily overcome, and a happy ending is never in doubt. On one level, the play is clearly intended as a simple, diverting amusement; several scenes are essentially skits made up of songs and joking banter. But on a somewhat deeper level, the play provides opportunities for its main characters to discuss a host of subjects (love, aging, the natural world, and death) from their particular points of view. At its center the play presents us with the respective worldviews of Jaques, a chronically melancholy pessimist and Rosalind, the play's Christian heroine, who recognizes life's difficulties but holds fast to a positive attitude that is kind, playful, and, above all, wise. Full synopsis or Gallery.

Duke Senior: Hath not old custom made this life more sweet Than that of painted pomp? Are not these woods More free from peril than the envious court? Here feel we but the penalty of Adam, The seasons' difference, as the icy fang And churlish chiding of the winter's wind, Which, when it bites and blows upon my body, Even till I shrink with cold, I smile and say 'This is no flattery: these are counsellors That feelingly persuade me what I am.

cast list production credits
Duke Senior Alastair Sim


Frank Napier
Rosalind Peggy Ashcroft


Orlando William Fox Theatre The Old Vic
Jacques Malcom Keane Presented by Lilian Bayliss
Corin Roger Livesey Produced by Harcourt Williams
Touchstone Geoffrey Wincott    
Oliver Anthony Quayle    
Celia Valerie Tudor

As You Like It Cast

Charles Cecil Winterbottom
Duke Frederick George Devine
Audrey Caroline Keith
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In 1932/33 Alastair started his second season at he The Old Vic where Malcom Kean and Peggy Ashcroft were leading the company.