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Man in the Mirror (1936)
Alastair Sim as the InterpreterA watchable film in which Edward Everett Horton makes one of his periodic professional visits to England to play both leading roles - Jeremy Dilke and his alter-ego (the man in the mirror). Alastair, as was the case at this stage of his film career, merely has a cameo role, as the Interpreter to the Bogus of Bokhara and spends most of his time talking a pidgeon-eastern gibberish in an attempt to con leading London businessmen out of their wealth. Much of the humor between Alastair's character and the Bogus would probably not be considered acceptable in today's politically correct culture but is mildly amusing all the same. Full synopsis


Interpreter: He say "Here's mud in your eye".
Dilke's Alter-ego: The East has moved much nearer the West since I studied Geography.

Interpreter: His highness, he not recognise the English interpretation. In Bokhara it is only played on castanets after dinner when the wind is in the East.


cast list production credits
Interpreter Alastair Sim


Maurice Elvey
Jeremy Dilke Edward E Horton

Production Company

Ariston Films
Helen Genevieve Tobin Producer Julius Hagen
Tarkington Garry Marsh Screenplay Hugh Mills
Veronica Ursula Jeans   F M Willis
Bogus of Bokhara Aubrey Mather Original Novel William Garret
Miss Blake Rene Gadd Dir Photography Curt Courant
Mrs Massiter Viola Compton

Man in the Mirror Trade Advert

Dr. Graves Stafford Hilliard
Earl of Wigan Felix Aylmer

35mm, black and white, 71 mins

Interesting facts

Edward Aperson's US film release has been sloppily titled: Gary Marsh is passed off as Gary Walsh and Felix Aylmer is missing from the credits altogether.

Maurice Elvey had been one of the major European film makers of the teens but the British industry was unable to supply him with projects of comparable ambition and he spent a lot of the thirties taking on vehicles for visiting US stars - here Edward Everett Horton.

The staging of this film is elaborate: the studio constructed tube train station; exclusive London West End hotel; and Chinese restaurant; etc. Elvey's handling is also accomplished. Watch the wide shot of the office where the two Hortons move round conducting a conversation with the correct eye lines and timing.