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A Fire Has Been Arranged (1935)
A Bouyant CutteOne of Britain's best loved comedy double acts, Bud Flanagan and Chesney Allen, were aided and abetted by Alastair in this pre-war crime caper. Ches and Bud raid a jewellery shop and manage to evade the police just long enough to bury their ill-gotten gains. After ten years in gaol they are released and race to recover their loot. However, while they have been inside, Messrs. Shuffle & Cutte have built a store on top of their gems. It seems all is lost until fate lends a hand. They are caught acting suspiciously and taken before the manager (Alastair) who reveals that the store is facing imminent bankruptcy. There may be one drastic solution that will solve all their problems - arson. Full synopsis

Bud: North? That's the north. Ches: How do you know?
Bud: Well he's (sic) watch has just gone West, hasn't it! That must be the North.

A Fire Has Been Arranged DVD Cover


cast list production credits


Alastair Sim


Leslie S. Hiscott
Bud Bud Flanagan

Production Company

Ches Chesney Allen Producer Julius Hagan
Toby Harold French Screenplay H F Mear/Barringer
Betty Mary Lawson Original Novel Fowler Mear/Carter
Hal Hal Walters Dir Photography Sydney Blythe
Shuffle C Denier Warren    
Oswald Rob Wilton

They're building flats where the arches used to be

Ex-Detective Vincent Holman
Prison Warder Jack Vyvian
Buddy Bradley Girls  

35mm, black and white, 70 mins

Interesting facts

Alastair does not appear to have quite found his stride in this film and still seems to be learning on the job. His vocal delivery is slightly more hurried and, possibly due to early sound recording limitations, at a slightly different pitch. He appears to overact in a number of scenes; whilst this is not too detrimental to the film as a whole it is certainly not the acting perfection he would bring to later films even in the briefest cameo roles.

The DVD cover states "Alastair Sim at his most sinister" but this is simply not the true. The character Alastair plays, Mr. Cutte, is certainly a rogue but is actually quite affable. He even teams up with Flanagan & Allen at the end of the film. For "sinister" see London Belongs To Me.